Cannabis Holiday Party Ideas and Events

Cannabis Holiday Party Ideas and Events

The holidays are a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, reflect on the blessings in your life, and take stock of the year that has passed. Celebrations of the holiday season are occasions for getting together with loved ones, having fun, and feasting. 

The use of cannabis during social gatherings is becoming as common among adults as the use of alcohol. Green Tent Entertainment hosts unforgettable events with its expert staff. In this article, you’ll go through the best weed games, weed parties, and smoking activities that may be incorporated into your holiday celebrations.

Christmas party

With the marijuana tent,  a boring party gets a major upgrade. To add some magic to your Christmas celebrations, try Green Tent’s budtending services. Throwing a party with a cannabis theme is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and the goodwill it brings to people. With marijuana’s increasing acceptance, showing your support for the ganja is simpler than ever. Cannabis wreaths, kissing under the canna-toe, rocking around the canna plant – the sky is the limit.

get a cannabis tent for your holiday party


Greetings, and a joyful Kwanzaa to you! Kwanzaa is a holiday that honors African culture in the United States. The Swahili word for “harvest” is “Kwanzaa,” and this event draws from many different African harvest festivals.

Our recommended uses for cannabis can serve as inspirational mantras as we continue to battle for the seven pillars of Kwanzaa including advocacy for change, community, creativity, and personal power. Hire Green Tent to toast the best of African cannabis culture as a whole.

Ugly Sweater Party

Let’s have a smoke-filled night where you flaunt your ugliest sweater!

The first “ugly sweater” Christmas party was held in Vancouver, Canada, in the early 2000s. Guests were asked on invitations to dress in their worst sweaters, which started the ugly sweater craze. Ugly sweater parties are still held every year. Now is the time to start thinking about your ugly Christmas sweater outfit! Stylishly hideous Christmas sweaters aren’t just about following the latest trends and buying the latest products; they’re also about spreading seasonal cheer. Spice up your sweater fest with mobile budtending services for your event!

Office Holiday Party

Green Tent Entertainment has budtenders available to set up cannabars at your company’s Christmas party!

As more and more cities in the U.S. pass legislation to decriminalize cannabis, its use and consumption have become increasingly prevalent. Providing cannabis-infused delicacies alongside alcoholic beverages during the holiday celebration are sure to kick your cannabis party Maine up to the next level of fun.

Gift Exchanges and Potlucks

Host a Christmas Party with a potluck dinner and a White Elephant gift exchange to celebrate the holiday season. Hire Green Tent Entertainment to bring budtenders to the potluck with a dish best served smoky and delightful. Take your gift exchange a little higher and spread some holiday cheer. Green Tent will bring everything your guests need (except the week) for your guests to toke it up and have a blast – safely!

Engagement Parties

Most marriage proposals occur in December! Cannabis-themed weddings have been increasingly common recently, and their popularity is only growing. Those who want to use cannabis as part of their wedding or engagement celebrations now have a wonderful opportunity to do so.

If you’re looking for a professional event planning team, budtenders, or a full weed bar wedding, look no further than Green Tent Entertainment. Our cannabis tent Maine hosts amazing cannabis-friendly events to celebrate your eternal flame.

Christmas Weddings

have a cannabis holiday party with a marijuana tent

Cannabis use at weddings has been around for a while, though formerly, it was more covert, like slipping off with a cousin to have a joint by the fountain.

Whatever you envision for your big day — from the flowers to the cake to the role that cannabis plays — it’s all up to you. There is a wide range of possibilities for a “weed wedding,” especially since recreational marijuana use is legal in several jurisdictions. 

Perhaps you want to include cannabis into your big day subtly, or you’re planning a weed-themed wedding and need some panorama wedding ideas. In that case, Green Tent Entertainment can help you arrange a wedding that includes cannabis and advise you on how to do so tastefully. Wedding reception, complete with food and weed bar wedding.

New Year’s Eve Party

One of the best ways to mark the passing of another year and welcome a new year is to host a party for your friends and family. The pressure and expense of planning a big New Year’s Eve bash can be a lot for a stoner who isn’t rolling in the dough. But that shouldn’t stop you from throwing a fantastic party without making your bank account cry. Call Green Tent Entertainment for mobile budtending services that will help you ring the new year on a high note.

Host cannabis-themed parties with Green Tent!

New England’s first mobile concierge & consultancy firm, Green Tent Entertainment has got you covered. Green Tent helps provide individualized cannabis consumption services for any event, whether a lavish wedding, a backyard BBQ, a birthday party, or any other occasion.

Green Tent Entertainment works together with its clients to plan and manage a selection of high-quality cannabis solutions for events. Customers can select and customize details in advance of their function. To personalize your Green Tent Entertainment experience, please contact us at or check our website here.

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