The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Cannabis-Friendly Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Cannabis-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding day is sacred, personal, and intimate. This day initiates a new chapter for you and your loved one, and should be enjoyed to the ultimate extent. For the avid cannabis lover, this means finding ways to incorporate this plant into the preparation, duration, decoration, and even consumption of the big day.

The cannabis wedding is now officially legal in eleven states across the U.S.! The cannabis plant truly adds an exceptional essence to your big day, and with the recent advancements –cannabis couples now have many options to plan their cannabis wedding.

Legalization & Finding Peace

As we all know, the wedding day is one of the most iconic days of everyone’s life. Nobody wants to ruin that day by making a trivial error. The legalization of cannabis use has created the opportunity for partners to truly have the day they have always dreamed of, without the anxiety of legal trouble or issues from vendors. Couples are able to take a deep breath of smoke and exhale peacefully knowing that they can enjoy their big day with the full inclusion of ceremonial cannabis.

Be Up Front About Your Cannabis Wedding Wishes

It’s will truly satisfy all your worries when you tell your wedding planner about your cannabis wedding. This decision will allow you and your partner to be free from all the tensions related to cannabis inclusion. If your wedding planner has an issue with you having a cannabis wedding, it may be time for a new wedding planner. This is YOUR day, and it is your opinion that counts.  

A top-notch cannabis wedding planner will conduct a negotiation with a local budtender, or one of your choice. This session will result in an acceptable amount of the most suitable species of Cannabis sativa. It’s good for the couple to incorporate cannabis weddings with their registration.

Enlighten the Wedding Menu with Cannabis

The most classical idea to employ Cannabis is to incorporate it with the dishes on your menu. Food and drink permeation with marijuana will give a premium essence to your event. Adding small touches of marijuana to the meal will make for a memorable event for your guests. Munching snacks or champagne glasses replaced with low doses of marijuana blessed drinks will make the whole scenario lit up.    

Ornamentation with Cannabis

Flowers, hay bales, and corn stalks are some of the core contributions to wedding décor in society today. How about having a cannabis plant play its role in this? Surrounding yourself by cannabis on your big day as an avid connoisseur will be sure to make your day the best it could be. There are a plethora of options in which floral arrangements can incorporate the cannabis plant.

Suggestions from a Budtender

Setting your big day up with a professional budtender managing a weed bar is the ultimate advancement in the weed wedding industry. A calibrated dose of marijuana is essential for you and your guests, and the budtender can ensure every stays on a safely elevated level.

Wedding Gifts of Ganja

Entertaining your guests with Cannabis infused goodies will blend your event with real happiness. Pre-rolled joints, edibles, seeds, etc. There are tons of ideas that will leave your guests happy and satisfied!

Our Ceremonial Cannabis Conclusion

Hiring a top-notch cannabis-knowledgeable wedding event planner who can set you up with canna-friendly vendors will make your day everything you ever dreamed of, without any of the anxiety stemming from potential stigmatizations. We highly-recommend Green Tent Entertainment, who can do all we have discussed—and more! Green Tent Entertainment is a cannabis events company, giving customers an amazing, safe top-shelf cannabis event experience. When it comes to marijuana gifts, consulting, and throwing the ultimate weed wedding, Green Tent Entertainment strives to be your first and best choice in the cannabis events company. Enjoy your canna-wedding to its fullest!

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