Green Tent Entertainment: Cannabis Events In Every Location!

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Green Tent Entertainment: Cannabis Events In Every Location!

Whether It’s A Budtender Event, Smoke Sesh, Or Cannabis Wedding, Green Tent Is There!

Green Tent At A Cannabis Friendly Venue Near You! Green Tent Entertainment was founded with the goal of becoming the first mobile concierge and consultancy service in New England. Green Tent Helps provides fully customized cannabis consumption options for a variety of events, including spectacular weddings, barbecues, birthday celebrations, and more. Green Tent Entertainment is a company that operates in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, as well as other places where medical marijuana is permitted. Not to brag, but we’ve been crushing that goal and then some! We seek to give you a rundown of some of the best places to throw a possible cannabis event! Keep scrolling to learn more, and click the link below to learn more about Green Tent Entertainment!

Marijuana On The Marina

Cannabis Events at the Marina

What’s a marina you ask? Well, a marina is a dock with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina is not the same as a port in that it does not handle huge passenger ships or freighters’ cargo. The term marina can also apply to an inland port on a river or canal that is used solely by recreational ships. Marinas are a fantastic place to throw any event, especially a cannabis one! Usually found in stunning locales, surrounded by seaworthy craftsmanship, the smell of the ocean wafting into shore. You can smell it now, can’t you? Why not couple that sweet, salty scent with some of the finest cannabis in New England, and book us to host it? Click the link below to get started on booking us for your event!

Bring Cannabis To The Vineyard!

cannabis events at the vineyard

What comes to mind when you think of a vineyard and/or winery? Expansive fields of grapevines, rustic feels, wooden barrels, the fruity, dry aroma of fresh-made wine. Imagine if you will, bringing some of the best cannabis in the state to the venue, and having Green Tent Entertainment host your event! You’ll be smoking blunts and sipping Cabernet in no time with Green Tent Entertainment there to host. Wineries and vineyards carry a long-running history that oozes class and distinction, spanning back thousands of years. Let’s bring a new age twist to classic locales by bringing cannabis into the mix for all to enjoy! If you have a winery or vineyard in mind for your next cannabis event, click the link below, and let’s get started!

Cannabis Events: A Hole In One

Traditional weddings are often held in a church or other indoor setting, although up to 35% of all weddings are being held outside. Golf courses are frequently neglected as a venue for weddings and gatherings, but their stunning natural beauty and finely landscaped terrain provide a stunning backdrop for nuptials. Golf courses are well-equipped as party sites because the theory applies to nearly every type of function. The majority of golf courses offer a clubhouse, restaurants, a bar, rooms that can be hired for special occasions, and, of course, a breathtaking landscape. A widespread misconception regarding golf courses is that they are ultra-exclusive, or that golfing or booking an event requires some form of private membership. While there are private golf clubs and sites that require membership, most public golf courses are just as gorgeous, offer just as many amenities, and are open to the public for golf events or weddings. Beautiful scenery, restaurants, hotel rentals, and event staffs dedicated to cooking and d├ęcor are still available at public golf courses, ensuring that each event is as stunning as the previous. Green Tent Entertainment would love to be a part of your next cannabis wedding, or any other event or party held at a gold course or similar venue. Just click the link below to get started on booking the perfect cannabis event for your special day!

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