5 Tips to Having the Perfect Cannabis Inspired Wedding

5 Tips to Having the Perfect Cannabis Inspired Wedding

Professional Budtenders, Full Cannabis Bar, And Event Planning

Our Tips For Hosting A Perfect Cannabis Wedding

Cannabis weddings have gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years, and continue to gain more appeal each day. We truly live in an incredible time for those who wish to incorporate cannabis into their wedding day festivities. Our team of professional event planners, budtenders, and full cannabis bar staff are here to help you on your special day. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the overall success of any event, especially cannabis-friendly weddings. Read on to learn some hot tips on creating the perfect cannabis wedding. To look into our services for your special day, click below.

1. Incorporate A Cannabis Bar Into Your Event

Cannabis bars are the newest way to bring a cannabis flair to your special day. To perfectly accommodate all of your loved ones who enjoy cannabis, or just those who would like an alternative to alcohol, our cannabis bar is a fantastic choice. We do not sell or take part in transactions pertaining to cannabis at the event. However, we do accept gifted cannabis (up to one ounce) according to Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont laws. We then provide proper consultation and budtending staff to ensure your guests have the best possible cannabis experience at your wedding. All of our staff are professionally trained and ensure that only guests who are of age can partake in the cannabis provided.

2. Think Of Adding Cannabis Edibles To Your Celebration

Imagine, if you will, at the culmination of all of your hard work and planning, with the ceremony over and the reception in full swing. You and all of the people you know and love are enjoying your special day. Then comes time for one of the most recognized traditions of a wedding day, the cutting of the cake. But instead of an ordinary cake, you infuse your special convection with a little something extra. On top of a possible cannabis-infused wedding cake, there are plenty of appetizers and snacks that could be infused for your tasting pleasure. The possibilities here are truly endless, cannabis knows no bounds when it comes to tasty treats that all above age patrons can enjoy.

3. Add A Twist To Your Toast

After the ceremony and with cake cutting over, the reception is in full swing. You and your loved ones are laughing, telling stories, and giving well wishes to your marriage. Then the time comes for another time honored tradition, the toast. Instead of everyone tipping back their glasses to celebrate your love, imagine all the cannabis enthusiasts you know and love raising their joints, blunts, and bowls high before you all take a massive community toke for your toast. This spin on a long-standing tradition is sure to add a great cannabis twist to your special day.

4. Add The Beauty Of Cannabis To Your Decor

We all know that cannabis can be a truly beautiful plant, with a multitude of shades, colors, and stimulating scents. Adding cannabis to your centerpieces and flower arrangements can be an excellent way of showing your love for cannabis in a unique and artistic way. As an added idea, consider cannabis corsages. Wherever floral presentation is present, cannabis can be an incredible boost to the overall aesthetic of your special day.

5. Give Your Guests A Gift They Won’t Forget

Commemorative gift packages and party favors are common for many people’s wedding event. So why not give the gift of cannabis on your special day? You could add pre-rolls and other cannabis-themed items to gift bags. Maybe even small pipes and papers. Special brownies or other cannabis-infused treats are perfectly packaged and ready to be enjoyed. Or why not all of the above? The options are near limitless for how you can send your guests home with a gift bag they won’t soon forget.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about how to throw the best possible cannabis-friendly wedding for you and yours. Green Tent Entertainment can’t wait to work with you to make sure that your cannabis wedding goes smoothly and is within your local and state regulations. To learn more about the many services and options available, click below.

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