Enjoy Your Favorite Fall Festivities With Cannabis!

Enjoy Your Favorite Fall Festivities With Cannabis!

Fall is the preferred time of year for many people and stoners alike.

At Greentent Entertainment, we know cannabis makes pretty much everything more enjoyable. Spice up your holidays with fun weed Halloween parties, wearing unique stoner Halloween costumes, and enjoying festive edibles! When you’re smoking weed on Halloween and during your fall festivities, don’t use average pipes and methods of smoking. Try an apple bowl or a pumpkin bong! In this blog, we’ll give you one of kind cannabis party ideas to take your holiday season to a new level.

Why Use Green Tent Entertainment for Your Fall Get Together?

Green Tent Entertainment is happy to cater your next holiday party and any fall festival ideas (for adults) that you may have! We can host and service events like weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, receptions, birthday parties, holiday parties, and more! We provide a free booking of your event and offer honest prices. Our base fee covers product packaging personalization, Budtender hourly rates, a protective outdoor tent, and consumption equipment. We have various add-ons available as well, such as personalized gifts and invitations, photo booths, cannabis-infused food or drink options, and more! Consider Greentent Entertainment for all your festive cannabis party ideas today!

The Perfect Stoner Halloween

If you love Halloween just as much as we do, then you know how fun it is to smoke weed on Halloween, have festive parties, and do fall activities. We’re going to go over how you can have the best stoner Halloween season with your friends and incorporate cannabis every step of the way.

There are so many fun things you can do during Halloween. It’s arguably one of the best times of the year! The best part is every activity is fun on its own, but adding cannabis makes for a whole new experience. Activities like apple picking, harvest festivals, and fairs are all fun things to do while stoned. Haunted houses and hayrides are also a must-have. Treat yourself to some edibles and go get spooked by some friends!

The Perfect Spooky Stoner Party

When planning a Halloween party the decorations are a must. Maybe going spooky stoner or even a full 70’s vibe could do the trick. Hang lights and various decorations to set the mood and match your chosen theme. Having a good selection of cannabis-infused treats and drinks is a great idea when hosting that perfect stoner Halloween. Consider a red THC-infused “vampires blood” or other similar drinks. Spooky snacks like cannabis candy apples, edible spooky cookies, cake pop eyeballs, and spiderweb donuts.

A Halloween party isn’t complete without a groovy playlist and one of the best pieces to a fun party – stoner Halloween costumes! With classic ideas like the hippie, joint, or “stoned” with rocks and pot leaves, get in touch with your creative side on this one! Some fun couples ideas could be “Cheech and Chong”, a joint and a lighter, or even a nug and a bong! You’ll need a way for guests to ensure they’re at the right house, try carving stoner pumpkins with pot leaves, bongs, and other fun images.

It’s a lot of work planning the perfect party. Green Tent Entertainment is happy to help you plan your party and make it a success. You can relax and enjoy time with your friends and we’ll take care of the rest!

Make Holiday and Sports Parties Better With Cannabis

Halloween isn’t the only occasion worth throwing a cannabis-themed party. Football and other sports parties, as well as Thanksgiving gatherings, are also great reasons to have festive cannabis parties. For sporting events, you could play fun smoking games and take a dab or toke every time your team scores! If celebrating Thanksgiving or a different festive party, try making an apple pipe or creating your very own pumpkin bong! The fall season is a great time to try new recipes for festive fall drinks and treats like mulled ciders, pies, cookies, stuffing, and whatever you can think of!

Harvest Time is Best with Cannabis

When it comes to enjoying the fall season, there are so many fun activities to partake in. From pumpkin carving, haunted houses, baking edibles, and throwing a fun Halloween bash, you are sure never to run out of ideas! Fall is one of the best times of the year and Green Tent Entertainment is here to support you in bringing every one of your cannabis party ideas to life! Contact us today and let us help you plan a perfect party!

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