Choose Green Tent Entertainment Cannabis Event Services for your Upcoming Holiday Parties!

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Choose Green Tent Entertainment Cannabis Event Services for your Upcoming Holiday Parties!

Christmas time is favored by many individuals. The holidays are a special time to focus on family, the things you’re thankful for, and they even provide time to relax and reset. Holiday parties are filled with love and laughter, playing games, and enjoying good food and drink. Cannabis has quickly become a preferred party favor to alcohol and is found at adult parties often as frequently as alcohol. The crew at Green Tent Entertainment provides a one-of-a-kind party experience. This article will discuss ways to incorporate cannabis into your holidays by featuring the best weed games, and smoking activities!

Turn Your Drinking Games into Smoking Games!

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A couple fun holiday weed games would be turning those movie-drinking games into smoking ones! Get a group of your best friends and watch Rudolf. Whenever Rudolf’s nose lights up, take a hit! When his nose lights up for an extended period, try ghosting your hit or taking a longer one. Another fun movie and smoking game would be to put a Santa hat on the corner of the TV, and every time someone “wears” the hat – you take a hit. This can be done with any of your favorite holiday movies like Elf and Home Alone! Bowls, bongs, and even dabs would be good choices for these games!

The Stoner Saran Wrap Ball Game!

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a common favorite at many holiday parties. The game involves a large ball made of saran wrap, filled with gifts. For your cannabis-friendly holiday party, fill the ball with joints or blunts in doob-tube, holiday-themed edibles, smoking accessories, flower, concentrates, cash, and even gift cards! Green Tent Entertainment can supply any cannabis gifts or products you’d like to add to your party ball! It’s super easy to play this game, just make sure you have your saran wrap ball and one pair of dice. All participants sit around in a circle. Player one has the ball and at the start of the game, begins to unwrap the ball. Any gifts that fall out are for player one to keep. The player to the left, player two, at the start of the game, is rolling the dice until they get doubles. Once player two finally hits doubles, it’s their turn with the ball, and the player to their left gets the dice. Continue around the circle until the ball is gone. Be sure to use a lot of saran wrap, and fill the ball with something for everyone!

Christmas Story Gift Exchange

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This game is extremely fun and tests the mind a little! Many holiday parties feature a gift exchange, your attendees can all bring a cannabis-related gift for the exchange (or hire Green Tent to provide cannabis-related gifts for the party). The host or a creative party member can write a fun, short stoner holiday story incorporating the words right, left, and across. Everyone can sit in a circle with their gifts. Someone will read the story slowly, and every time the word “right” is read, the gifts are passed to the right, and “across”, passing them to the person across from you. When the story is over – the players keep the gifts they are left with.

Green Tent Entertainment is Ready to Help Make Your Good Time, Great!

We hope you enjoy these cannabis-friendly smoking games and weed activities. The team at Green Tent Entertainment is here to fill all your cannabis holiday party needs and make your next holiday party the talk of the season. We offer quality flower, a large selection of consumption methods and can even provide a “roll your own” bar, photo booth, Polaroid cameras, cannabis-infused edibles, and personalized products like gift bags, grinders, lighters, and party invitations! We can supply any cannabis-related gift or party favor for holiday games! If you have a fun idea that you don’t see on this list, please share it with us! We want to bring your best party ideas to life.

Contact Green Tent Entertainment today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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