Celebrate Independence Day With Cannabis and Green Tent Entertainment!

Celebrate independence day with cannabis

Add Some Green to Your Red, White, and Blue!

Celebrate Independence Day With Cannabis and Green Tent Entertainment!

Summer is finally getting close, which means barbecues, bonfires, and a massive 4th of July party! As cannabis rises in popularity, it is now commonly being chosen over alcohol during parties and social gatherings. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a cannabis party? You may not know this, but many of this great nation’s founders were avid hemp users. George Washington encouraged us to grow hemp and get as much use out of it as possible. Thomas Jefferson stated, “some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp, and observing as far as my eye can see.” Celebrate America with your forefathers in mind this summer. This blog will highlight fun cannabis 4th of July party ideas for you and your friends and family!

Have a Cannabis-Infused Cookout

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One of the best parts of any summer party is the food. No one enjoys a summer cookout more than a fellow American! Take your 4th of July party to the next level by cooking some of these delicious cannabis-infused dishes by Cannabis Cheri. Put together a full menu with these one-of-a-kind crowd-pleasers.

There is probably one thing that always comes to mind when you think of a cookout – hamburgers! When cooking these cannaburgers, simply decarb the cannabis and mix it in with your ground beef or meat of choice! These burgers yield an average of 25MG of THC per burger.

There is no better side to pair with a burger during a 4th of July party than with potato salad! Take your favorite family recipe and add a cannabis twist to it! This recipe is made with cannabis olive oil, making for a perfect, creamy potato salad. No 4th of July party is complete without some barbecued chicken! Create your own cannabis-infused barbecue sauce to give your cookout an extra boost! Your friends and family are sure to love this one.

Enjoy Refreshing Cannabis Cocktails

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While it’s a great idea to celebrate Independence Day with cannabis, you can’t forget the classic cocktails! Steal our ideas, or come up with your own cannabis-infused cocktails for your next 4th of July Party!

George Washington Julep: This drink takes a fun twist on a classic mint julep by adding CBD. This is a perfect choice for any party-goers who want a cocktail and prefer not to have any THC. Muddle .5oz of simple syrup, 1mL of CBD drops, and 6 mint leaves together in the bottom of a shaker. Add 2 ounces of an apple-flavored brandy, fill with ice, and enjoy!

Americano: Add 1 ounce of Campari and 1 ounce of Sweet Vermouth to a glass, and fill with ice, stirring for 10 seconds. Add 6 ounces of your favorite THC-infused IPA. This is a perfect drink for a hoppy Independence Day party!

Host a Cannabis Bar

Step up your cannabis-infused party game by adding a cannabis bar with Green Tent Entertainment! We would love to help you host the best 4th of July party your friends and family have ever attended! Our booking packages are created with an average of 10-50 guests in mind (but can accommodate more with notice) and offer a selection of flower, edible, vape, and concentrate bar options!

End the Evening with Some Fireworks

The 4th of July isn’t complete without a firework show! If you’re lucky enough to live on a lake, you likely don’t need to go very far to see some amazing fireworks. Gather your friends, your favorite strains, and a comfortable seat!

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