Golf Courses With Double the Greens  

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Golf Courses With Double the Greens  

Golf parties are one of the most enjoyable parties to host. The fields are wide, the area is quiet, and no one gets bothered by your celebration. There is no other way to ramp up the fun energy than to involve some cannabis in the mix! Having a cannabis bar would be a surefire way to excite and get your guests even happier. Green Tent Entertainment would be perfect for you!

Learning the different possible advantages of hosting cannabis parties at a golf course, and how they can be very helpful for people who want to unwind. Read more to find out!

Golf Courses Seeming Greener Than Usual  

golf courses - host a cannabis party

Green Tent Entertainment makes your life easier with its top-tier certified and educated personnel.

The Meadows Golf Course would be a perfect place to host your golf party! This venue features a 9-hole golf course, and while it may seem different from the usual 18-hole courses, you would be enjoying every step of the way due to the services that Green Tent Entertainment offers. Additionally, this area spans 56 acres, so you have a lot of space to vibe in!

Just to be safe, if you are planning to enjoy the whole bar that can serve some cannabis variations such as flower, concentrates, and edibles, make sure that your state is cannabis-friendly. Green Tent Entertainment serves areas that are compliant with cannabis as their employees are certified for such.

Having The Correct Budtending Service For Your Parties  

This is where budtending services like Green Tent Entertainment shine. Green Tent Entertainment is a budtending service that travels all around the country. They partner with several cannabis businesses to expand the variety of options that they can serve to guests at parties.

Like having a bartender at your adult parties, cannabis can also be served in such a way. This should greatly improve the atmosphere of your party as people already call golf courses “Greens,” so why not double it by bringing cannabis into the mix. Hosting big events such as bachelor parties, wedding receptions, bridal showers, and anniversary parties would be great with a budtending service.

Let Green Grasses Grow  

With Meadows Golf Course having a whole 56 acres to party in, there are many options as to what types of parties you can set in an area as vast as this one. With cannabis being age-restricted, parties such as debuts, sorority and frat formals, and athletic awards are perfect!

host your cannabis party at a golf course

You could liven the party with a classic Super Silver Haze, which is probably already known. However, it still delivers good uplifting and happy effects. With Green Tent Entertainment, you would be able to enjoy this with their add-on hydration and CBD bar.

Summer can already be seen from the horizon, so don’t miss out on setting up a golf course party with a trusted company like Green Tent Entertainment being your budtenders. Depending on your request, they offer a wide variety of strains that they can deliver in three different ways. Your own rules dictate your party, so let loose and have fun!


Hosting cannabis parties at a golf course is a relatively new concept born from the legality of cannabis in certain states. With Green Tent Entertainment, they could further evolve on this concept as they already deliver top-of-the-line services with a wide range of strains to choose from. There is nothing wrong with choosing them to make your party the best!

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